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Step 1

Starting with Cream Color Circle (Black Eye); apply ‘Lake Altrot’ into the corners of the eyes and blend into the socket lines. Then apply in the creases under the eyes blending it round the hollows of the socket. The color should have more concentration in the deeper contours of the eyes.

Step 2

Apply Spirit Gum 15 ml through the eyebrows. With Kryolan Cine-Wax 40 g create worm shapes to sit across the brow bones. Blend edges into the forehead and brow bone. For wounds, apply Spirit Gum 15 ml first. Place a lump of Kryolan Cine-Wax 40 g over the top, blending in the edges. Carefully remove the centre using a spatula.

Step 3

Stipple Liquid Latex 200 ml around the edges of the Kryolan Cine-Wax 40 g. Then, using ‘1’ and ‘2’ from the Cream Color Circle (Black Eye), stipple over the Kryolan Cine-Wax 40 g and onto the surrounding skin. Mixing ‘Lake Altrot’ and ‘3’ from the Cream Color Circle (Black Eye) into the edges inside the wounds, then with shade ‘4’ contour under the cheeks bones.

Step 4

Set the make-up with Translucent Powder 20 g. Using Fresh Scratch 50 ml (dark) carefully fill each wound with a shallow layer, stipple it around the mouth and chin, use your fingers for a more natural impression. Now use the Transparent Blood 100ml into the wounds and let it run down the face.

Step 5

To add the final detail, dry the teeth with a tissue and keep the mouth open. Paint Tooth Enamel directly onto the teeth and leave to dry before closing the mouth.

Step 6

Once complete, put on a little more Transparent Blood 100ml and Fresh Scratch 50 ml (dark) to achieve a layered effect.

Make-up: Leanne Simmons, Photo: Jayesh Pankhania

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