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If you do only ONE thing for your health, take Fitch's Formula Superbugz for short Because we've focused on the FUNDAMENTAL issue

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If you do only ONE thing for your health, take

Fitch's Formula

Superbugz for short

Because we've focused on the FUNDAMENTAL issue

Your gut contains about 1½ million bugs, ('intestinal flora' if you want to be formal).

Having the right ratio between 'friendly' and 'unfriendly' bugs is crucial to your health.

When your bugs are in balance, they work miracles, e.g.:

•     Defence. Ensure proper immune function; kill harmful bacteria, yeast and viruses; counteract cancer-causing compounds in your colon.

•     Fuel. Provide essential enzymes to help digest food; make B vitamins and vitamin K; improve absorption of nutrients.

•     Equilibrium. Maintain your body's essential chemical and hormonal balance.

•     Housework. Eliminate toxins; clean up cholesterol; prevent constipation; cleanse your colon of encrusted matter.

When this amazing balance is lost, unfriendly, putrefactive bugs-many release poisons and take over, opening the door to serious health problems and, eventually, chronic degenerative diseases.

What knocks your bugs off balance? Modern life! Too much or too many:

•     Antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and pain killers

•     Processed, rich, fatty foods; sugar; red meat

•     Chlorinated drinking water; colas and other carbonated drinks; alcohol

•     Stress

And we've addressed it POWERFULLY

1    We've rounded up all the friendly flora1

This is a must because they only work in harmony when all 13 types are present. For example, some need nutrients made by others in order to do their tasks.

2    We've given them hell

These tough characters have survived intense heat, freezing, antibiotics, pesticides and herbicides. Bugs that withstood one ordeal were regrown and subjected to another, and so on, until we achieved a race of superbugs.

3    We've thrown our superbugs a party

Each type of bug needs its preferred foods present or it will kill others to protect its food supply. So our superbugs have been given a delicious spread of foods they love, foods which are also excellent for nutrition.2

4    At last, it's 'Prepare for entry!'

We've allowed our superbugs 5 weeks to predigest their food so it is all ready for your body to absorb. Our now contented Superbugz are just raring to recolonise your gut.

We've done many, many years of research, perfecting our living, viable nutrient formula:

NO other product compares. The rest is up to you. Good Health!

  1. Acidophillus, Delbruekii, Caseli, Bulgaricus, Causasicus, fermenti, Plantarum, Brevis, Heleveticus, Leichmannii, Lactis, Bifidus, Sporogene. Obtained from fruit and veg. NOT genetically modified.
  2. Yeast (NOT Candida), spirulina, pepitos, sunflower seeds, brown rice, barley, oats, rye, maize, wheat, mung beans, molasses. Certified Organic. NOT genetically modified. Don't worry if you are sensitive to any of these foods: our formula re-educates your body to accept them.


Summary of the Beneficial Effects of Lactobacilli

  • Produces organic and inorganic antibiotics
  • Produces anti-cancer factors
  • Has positive effects on psychological state (e.g. anti-fatigue, anti-anxiety and anti-depressant activity)
  • Neutralises cancer producing chemicals
  • Produces anti-viral substances
  • Produces anti-fungal substances
  • Suppresses the growth of yeasts and thrush (candida)
  • Partially digests foodstuffs (e.g. milk sugar and milk proteins are broken down)
  • Synthesizes certain vitamins including B-complex, folic acid, vitamin B12 and vitamin K
  • May reduce the allergenicity of milk
  • Improves the quality of milk proteins
  • Destroys naturally occurring anti-nutrients in foods (e.g. phyate, anti-trypsins)
  • May reduce serum cholesterol
  • Detoxification of metabolites in liver disease
  • Reduces bowel symptoms of gastrointestinal allergies (e.g. pain, bloating, flatulence)


(Taken from “Fighting Fatigue” by Dr Ian Brighthope)


The gastro-intestinal specialist are really concerned these days because antibiotics, namely penicillin and the sulfa drugs, destroy the friendly bacteri in the bowel. This friendly bacteria is called acidophilus (lactobacillus) bacteria. If you are (or have been) taking these drugs, or any drug, feed the acidophilus back into the body. Above all, feed them with greens (e.g. green barley and alfalfa).


(Taken from “The Healing Power of Chlorophyll” by Bernard Jensen D.C.)




Additional Information

Additional Information

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Customer Reviews (1)

Great productReview by Liz
I was recommended this product to help control thrush and for general health. Since using it not only has the thrush disappeared for good, it also feels good for my overall health.
This product in my opinion is more palatable than synthetic vitamin powders and needs only a small amount with water. It could also be added to smoothies or food.
There is a current trend for improving gut bacteria and Fitch's Formula fits the bill.
It works for me and I can't recommend it enough. (Posted on 10/09/2015)

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